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How to automatically download multiple files from a drop-down field with iMacros

In many cases it happens that data provided by websites can be downloaded only one column/row at a time (e.g., per year, per variable, etc.), requiring some manual downloading effort such as clicking on a drop-down field or on several links.

In this post I will explain ho this work can be easily automated using iMacro to automate the downloading process.

As an example, I will use an Italian provider of insurance information that allow to download 1 row of data at a time. For the view in scope, it allows to download the revenues across products, for a given year of a given company. From these, we will create a pivot with all the 200 companies of the database.




Assuming iMacro is already installed, the following script will allow to create a loop to

  • Change the company of the view
  • Automatically “click” on the “Export” link (files will be downloaded as a CSV)

To automate this, the following code is enough:



  • Row 1 ensures that focus of the script is Tab n° 1 (i.e., the firt on the left)
  • Row 2 restricts the focus of the script to the <FORM> element for which ID is “riepilogoForm”, and to its <SELECT> element for which ID is “sImpresa” (in our case, a drop-down field), actually selecting its {{!LOOP}}-th element
  • Row 3 clicks, within the document, on the <FONT> element for which its TXT attribute (a non-HTML attribute that checks the context of <FONT> is “Esporta” (the text triggering the JS that create the file)
  • Row 4 requires the script to wait 2 seconds. This might be non-necessary anymore as latest versions of iMacro holds the loop iterations until any triggered download is ended

As identifying the right commands to use might be sometimes uneasy, a practical shortcut could be that of using the “Record” option of iMacros, checking which elements are identified (and how) and then re-using the automatically generated script, editing it based on needs.

TIP: In order to effectively download the files without having the windows “Save as …” holding the process, it is advisable to pre-select a default directory as download target for the Firefox/Chrome browser.

By running the mentioned script, one would get as many CSV as the iteration specified, one for each company in the list.

SCALABILITY: Unfortunately standard iMacro language does not allow for nested loops, but this limitation can be worked out using some JavaScript code, a topic that will be focus of a future post.