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How to automatically merge multiple CSV files into one XLS file with Alteryx

Suppose you have hundreds of CSV files with the same structure and you want to combine them in a single files for an effective hadling. One of the most efficient ways is that of using Alteryx, as it involves a super easy 1-step procedure.

Suppose the files are all in a single directory (here C:/SANDBOX), with different names.


Open Alteryx, then add Input Data tool connecting to C:\SANDBOX\*.csv, where the wildcard will filter and select all the files ending with a “.csv”.

As for file format, use “Comma-Delimited Text Files”, then you might want to flag “First Row Contains Field Names”.


Finally, add on Output Data tool pointing e.g. to C:\SANDBOX\Database.xlsx|Output, where the text after the pipe identifies the sheet name and run the code.

Run the code, and in less than a second you will get a single pivot-friendly Excel file ready to use.

Capture2 Capture3